Tōwa, Tōwa & Co.

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東和 = Tōwa

“Tōwa”, sometimes “Tōwa & Co.” is frequently associated with
the company “Gen Takahashi, H.Diamond&Co”. Masters that made
“Tōwa” razors for the company “Gen Takahashi, H.Diamond&Co”
were: “Hayashi Ichitaro” / “Gen Takahashi” / “H.Shinyichi”

There are also “Tōwa” razors without a reference of one these masters…

For now, it isn’t clear if the brand “Tōwa” originated from “H.Diamond”,
“Gen Takahashi”, or someone else, or if the brand “Tōwa” was used by different company’s, or the other way around, that these masters worked for “Tōwa & Co.”

Since there are also “Tōwa” razors without a reference of one these masters,
and different boxes show different trademarks, maybe “Tōwa & Co.”was a
company that distributed different razors of different makers, or maybe they
took over “H. Diamond & Co.”, all is not clear at his moment…

Different trademark on boxes:
H. Diamond Towa 9074 1a1 andere doos kopie Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

AA Tōwa, Tōwa Extra Hollow Ground, First Quality T.H.G. (Frame Back razor)
TOWA 2b TOWA 2c 

Towa 4 Towa 5 Towa 6 Towa 7
(登東和録 = Nobori Tōwa-roku = Registered Tōwa “record”
東和特製 = Tōwa tokusei = Tōwa special; deluxe)

(東和 特許 (read R>L) Tōwa Tokkyo = Tōwa Patent)

Tōwa Razor Sculpture Cut
TOWA Sculpture Cut 1c 2 TOWA Sculpture Cut 1b1

77 Tōwa (Frame Back razor)
TOWA 1a1 TOWA 1a2 TOWA 1a3
(登東和録 = Nobori Tōwa-roku = Registered Tōwa “record”
舶来鋼 = hakurai-kō = Imported steel)

9074 Tōwa, Best Hollow Ground, Extra Tungsten Steel, 
“Gen Takahashi, H.Diamond&Co.”, Trademark Tokyo, Japan, “Tōwa&Co.”
H. Diamond Towa 9074 1a1
H. Diamond Towa 9074 1b H. Diamond Towa 9074 1c

Or, with a slightly different box:
H. Diamond Towa 9074 1a1 andere doos
⇒ Also see H. Diamond / Hayashi Diamond

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