Kikuboshi – Takehana

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Kikuboshi – Takehana

Company: “Takehana-Kikuboshi”, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda;
The company/brand “Takehana“, founded in Kanda, Tokyo, 1924, was 

one of the first stores in Japan that sold Western shaving products.
This company changed its name from “Takehana” to “Kikuboshi” in 1941. 
“Takehana” and “Kikuboshi” are brands from the same company. 
Razors, engraved “Takehana” are therefore made before 1941.

  • 172 Takehana, FEON, Pure Steel Made, Takehana Razors Co., 40318
    Takehana FEON 1c 2 Takehana FEON 1d 2 Takehana FEON 1a2
  • 1880 Takehana, FEON, Pure Steel Made, Takehana Razors Co., 70213 & 81111 (?)
    takehana-1880-feon-2a1 takehana-1880-feon-2a2
    takehana-1880-feon-1a-2 takehana-1880-feon-1b-2takehana-1880-feon-1c-2

菊星 = Kikuboshi (Kiku = “chrysanthemum”)

  • A-1 Kikuboshi
    Kikuboshi 1 Kikuboshi 2
    Kikuboshi 2b Kikuboshi 2a
  • 94 Kikuboshi (= a “smiling” razor), R. Saito KRG ,W-2, Extra Hollow Ground
    (→ Also see R. saitō – KRG – Ribbon Co.)
    On this razor, the trademark kikuboshi-182-1b1 is placed upside down
    (point of star is facing down)
    kikuboshi-r-saito-krg-94-1a3 kikuboshi-r-saito-krg-94-1a4
  • 135 Kikuboshi (= a “smiling” razor), Detachable Razor, R.SAITO, “KRG”
    Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 1a1Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 1a2Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 1a3
    135 Kikuboshi (= a “smiling” razor), R.SAITO, “KRG”, W-2, Extra Hollow Ground,
    “Produ…steel” (?)
    kikuboshi-r-saito-krg-135-1b-2 kikuboshi-r-saito-krg-135-1b-3
    (→ Also see R. saitō – KRG – Ribbon Co.)
  • 165 Kikuboshi R. Saito KRG SK式. 1 (式 = “style”) (Extreme Smiling Razor)Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 165 1a1Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 165 1a2
    Kikuboshi R-saito KRG 165 1a3
    (→ Also see R. saitō – KRG – Ribbon Co.)
  • 182 Kikuboshi Extra Hollow Ground, 40318, PAT. 28248, since the “Takehana”, Takehana Razors Co., FEON 172, also has the number 40318, and this razor has the Pat. nmr., it could be a razor just after the separation/name change in 1941!
    kikuboshi-182-1a kikuboshi-182-1bkikuboshi-182-1b1
  • 574 FEON, Kikuboshi razor.s Co.
    kikuboshi-574-feon-1a kikuboshi-574-feon-1b
  • 830 Kikuboshi Extra Hollow Ground, Kikuboshi razor.s Co
    Kikuboshi 830 1a Kikuboshi 830 1b Kikuboshi 830 1c
  • 2002 Kikuboshi
    KikuBOSHI JUTSU 2002 1a KikuBOSHI JUTSU 2002 1b KikuBOSHI JUTSU 2002 1c
    (Probably 術 = sube/jutsu = way; method; means)
  • 6800 FEON, Swedish Steel, Kikuboshi razor.s Co. FT.
    FEON 6800 1a FEON 6800 1b FEON 6800 1c
  • 8300 Kikuboshi Company’s
    Kikuboshi 8300 1a Kikuboshi 8300 1b kopie
    Kikuboshi 8300 1b Kikuboshi 8300 1c
  • 8600 Kikuboshi, extra hollow ground, PERFECT WORKS, silver steel
    kikuboshi-8600-perfect-works-1c kikuboshi-8600-perfect-works-1d
    PERFECT WORKS is also seen on Tanifuji razors, Also see → Tanifuji (Fukutarō)

Mostly “Kikuboshi” are hollow ground straight razors (Western style)
There are also kamisori ground razors though:

  • 24 Kikuboshi
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