Chapter: “L. Belle”

Who were the people behind F.G.B.C.?

(F.G.B.C. produced “pierre La Lune”, “Special Stone only for Good Razors”, “New Master Stone”, …)


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Who were the people behind “F.G.B.C.”
“L. Belle”

Chapter: “L. Belle

1902/ 1 January – 31 December 

As previous mentioned, “D.Giovannacci” became the owner of the fund
“84, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, Paris”
on 1 January 1902, he
 resold it to “Mr. Belle” on 31 December 1902

(; Journal des tribunaux de commerce 1910)

“… Giovannacci became, as from 1 January 1902, the only owner of the funds,
he resold it December 311902 to Belle, the plaintiff in the current trial … “


The building itself, not the fund, was still property of “Ghelfi”
We’ve established that “Jean-Baptiste Ghelfi” must have been the owner


A residential building of 7 floors was constructed for Mr. Ghelfi at
84 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine (12e arr.)”

  1. “PARIS 1876-1939 : LES PERMIS DE CONSTRUIRE” Link
  2. “Le Béton armé” (p.31) Link
  3. Link
    “84 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine” (12e arr.)
    Owner: Ghelfi, “30, avenue Daumesnil”
    Architect: Jacquemin, “30, avenue Daumesnil”
    Construction 7 floors
    1 May 1908


(private collection)

 This receipt of 1909 shows that “Belle” moved in 1909 (or earlier), from
“84, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine” to “87, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine”

“Pierres et meules à aiguiser & à polir”
“L. Belle”
“87 Faubourg St.-Antoine”
“ci – devant 84, même rue”
 “Stones and grindstones & polishing”
“L. Belle”
“87 Faubourg St. Antoine”
“Heretofore 84, same street”

1909 L.Belle 1

Another receipt (which I can’t show…), dated 15 January 1909, lets me think
(because it is so early in the year 1909) that “Belle” most probably moved from
84, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine” to “87, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine
in 1908 (being more specific then 1908-1909)

“Jean-Baptiste Ghelfi” owned the house, “84 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine“,
rebuild it to a residential building in 1908.
“Belle”, who owned the business at “84, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine
(used to be property of Ghelfi), needed to move to
87, rue du Faubourg St.-Antoine” in 1908.

1916/ 28 December

Next document makes very clear that “Belle” was the successor of
“D. Giovannacci” and “L. & B. Ghelfi”

courtesy of Sebastian of ““:

 “Pierres et meules à aiguiser & à polir”

“D.Giovannacci, L.&B.Ghelfi”
“L.BELLE Succr.”

“Bureaux & Magasins”: 
“87, Faubg. St. Antoine”
“ci-devant: 84, Fg. St. Antoine”

“Maison Fondée en 1845”

Usines (factories):
“Paris, 61, Rue de Charonne”
“Bédarrides (Vaucluse)”
“Massa (Italie)”
“Succursale à Londres”

1916:12:28 L. Belle Sebastian 1

  • Regrettably, at this moment I haven’t found more information about “Maison fondée en 1845” (“House” founded in 1845)…
  • “Bédarrides (Vaucluse)” is situated in southeastern France,
    in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
  • Usine a vapeur: “61, Rue de Charonne, Paris”
  • They also had a section in “London”
  • When compared with the postcard from 1898/ 11 November, 
“D. Giovannacci, L. & B. Ghelfi”
Bureaux et Magasins: 
“84, Faubourg St.-Antoine, Paris”

Usine a vapeur: “61, Rue de Charonne, Paris”
Usine hydraulique, à Canevara, près Massa (Italie)
Succursales à Londres et New-York

it is clear that L.Belle acquired a lot more from
“D. Giovannacci, L. & B. Ghelfi” than only the fund
at “84, Faubourg St.-Antoine, Paris”!

Also note the “usine” in Massa, Italy,
this is where the Ghelfi’s originally came from!


L. Belle

M.P.O.P.Meules, Pierres, Outillage, Produits a aiguiser et a polir

1920 L. Belle kopie1920 L. Belle kopie 2


( Link, Annuaire industriel. Répertoire général de la production française Link)

“Belle (L.), 87, fbg. St-Antoine, Paris”
“Pierres et Meules à aiguiser, à l’huile, en corindon,…”


(; “L’Annual”: annuaire universel de l’industrie automobile)

fabrique de meules en grès, et de pierres à aiguiser et à polir,
“87, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris



( Link, Annuaire industriel. Répertoire général de la production française Link)

“Belle (L.)”,
“87, fbg. St-Antoine, Paris”
“Pierres et Meules à aiguiser, à l’huile, en corindon,…”

1935/ 22 August
(Private collection)

Vve Valentin Ghelfi became the owner of etablissements BELLE:

“Etablissements BELLE”
“Veuve Valentin Ghelfi, Propriétaire”
“Meules, pierres, outillage, produits a aiguiser et a polir”

“Ancienne maison”
“D.Giovannacci, L.&B.Ghelfi”
“Fondée en 1845”


“87, Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris”
“Magasin de Meules & Usine”
“72, Rue Saint-Maur, Paris”

1935 L.Belle MPOP 1

M.P.O.P. stands for: Meules, Pierres, Outillage, Produits a aiguiser et a polir


Although it is established that the widow of “Valentin Ghelfi”
acquired the business back from “Belle”
, there are documents
to be found until 1938 of 
“L. Belle”, selling grinding, sharpening
and polishing stones at 
87, Rue du Faubourg St-Antoine“,
so apparently, 
the company kept on using the name “L.Belle

This could mean that “L. Belle” had established a good and 
well know name, maybe “Valentin Ghelfi” possibly didn’t.

When noticing the usage of the ancient names
“D.Giovannacci, L.&B.Ghelfi”, it is clear that those names
still were very well known, the names kept on being used,
even by the third owner of the company!

( Link, Annuaire industriel. Répertoire général de la production française Link)

“BELLE (L.), 87, fbg St-Antoine”
“Ateliers: “61, r. de Charonne”
“Meules et pierres à aiguiser”


 For the moment unfortunately, we don’t know more
who exactly Mr. “L. Belle” was…

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