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Super RARE authentic

“Nakayama Kan” lv 5+

Kamisori – Straight Razor stone

Very thick stone!
Beautiful Asagi/Kiita pattern!
With box

a   DSCN3096DSCN3049 DSCN3051


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$529 USD (+ $40 USD shipping)

Amazingly clean and very hard & dense stone,
very sought after and hard to find!

Finisher for razors and high end tools

Superb mirror finish polish!
Amazing edge on razors/kamisori!
I got HHT 4-5 frequently on my razors,
giving a very close & comfortable shave!

Collector Grade,
original bought from “JNS” (Japanese Natural Stones)

This stone has a really nice sticky feeling when honing!

Top side is perfectly flattened
Bottom side can also be flattened,
creating an extra Kiita side to hone on!

Size: 142 – 80 – 30 mm

SUPER RARE 19th century
Set of 3 Orihi (ancient kamisori) with 
original box, finishing stone & tomo nagura!
DSCN8442 DSCN8441

$499 USD (+ $30 USD shipping)

Very rare, especially is such state!
1 Orihi isn’t used in the past, the others lightly.
Signs of wear and old age present.
Orihi are truly rare & extremely difficult to find!
Unidentified markings are present on Orihi
The Orihi also have unique one of a kind file marks
on their handles, which is typical for sword smiths
(they used such file marks at the handle of their swords)
Being very interested in the history of Orihi (“Orihi type kamisori“),
my best guess would be that this set was made around 1800-1850,
without a doubt before 1875.
The Orihi were made of Tamahagane. In ancient
times there was no need to mark such razors with the
symbol/kanji “Tamahagane”, since they all were made
of Tamahagane (Tamahagane swords don’t have
“Tamahagane” kanji either of course)
The first Orihi were made by swordsmiths
(hence the “sword – file marks”), they used the
same steel as they would use for their swords,
being Tamahagane. It was only later that the
Japanese smiths started to use foreign steel!
These Orihi are about 18mm wide
The stone is lacquered and attached on
a wooden piece, with marking (same as on box)
The hard & fine Asagi coloured stone (unknown origin),
measures (without slurry stone) 1792914mm
I wouldn’t be surprised that it would be a
Nakayama, or Narutaki or Shoubudani!
The only thing missing on the box is a lid at one end

Kikuboshi 24
Shave ready (SR No.84)
Japanese straight razor with kamisori grind
Beautiful steel features on the back!
DSCN3196 DSCN3189
$99 USD (+ $20 USD shipping)
Kikuboshi – Takehana
Honed on Japanese natural water stones
Generally a solid HHT 4-5 (at the tip HHT 3-4)
It gave me excellent effortless & very comfortable shaves!

Large & Heavy
13/16′ IWASAKI Nicho-gake (Large size)
Tamahagane Kamisori 1169·19
Shave ready (SR No.88)
Iwasaki (Link)


 $1699 USD (+ $40 USD shipping)

 Width: 13/16′ or 21mm !  
1169·19 is the serial number, that means it is one of a kind; only one of such a razor exists in the world with that number
The first number (before the “·”) is the count of Tatara production (batch)
of Tamahagane, 
the number after the “·” stands for the amount of razors,
made of that particular batch,
So, this is the 19th razor which is made out of Tamahagane batch No.1169. 
Tamahagane is a super rare and precious Japanese steel!
This razor is most probably made by Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki
Tamahagane kamisori with serial numbers aren’t made anymore since quite some time now!
 Signs of old age are present (a few small oxidation stains), but it has almost no hone wear, I was the first to hone it! 
This LARGE sized IWASAKI Tamhagane kamisori is very RARE,
especially in that size & such excellent state, with almost no hone wear!
Honed on Japanese natural water stones
Edge has generally an easy HHT 4-5 !
It gave me a real excellent, effortless & very comfortable shave!

         HENKOTSU         へんホつ
Hinoshitakaizan     日下開山
Shave ready (SR No.85)

 $139 USD (+ $25 USD shipping)

31/32′ or 24,7mm
日下開山 (found on very large Henkotsu kamisori, around 8/8′)
Hikakaizan  / Hinoshitakaizan / Hishitakaizan = Highest Rank
(“Hinoshita Kaizan” = nickname of the highest rank yokozuna of the sumo)    
Japanese markings, kanji, symbols (Link) 
I bought this huge kamisori NOS!
Honed on Japanese natural water stones
Edge has generally a HHT 5 !
It gave me excellent effortless & very comfortable shaves!


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