Kamijō Yukio

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Kamijō Yukio

  Kamijō Yukio

上條幸夫 or 上条幸夫 

Besides the fact “Kamijō Yukio” worked together with Iwasaki (Iwasaki),
sadly there isn’t much more to be found about the life of “Kamijō Yukio”…

Aside of the straight razors he made together with Iwasaki,
Kamijo also made razors of his own, for example:

  • 66 HOPE.NICE” “上條謹製Kamijo 66 Hope Nice 1a1Kamijo 66 Hope Nice 1a2Kamijo 66 Hope Nice 1a3Razor:
    幸 (within a circle) is part of the name Yukio 幸夫 (from 上條幸夫 = Kamijō Yukio),
    I don’t know why it is displayed as it is, but I’ve seen this on different Kamijō Yukio razors.
    上條 = Kamijō. This is derived from the maker “Kamijō Yukio” (上條幸夫)
    謹製 = Kinsei = humbly made/quality product/carefully produced/reverently made
    手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō
    謹製 = Kinsei

(To my knowledge) there are two types of “Kamijō Yukio” straight razors
to be found were there is a Serial Number (SR), together with the 手打 kanji
(= teuchi, handmade/forged) and the signature of “Kamijō Yukio”

  • 625” “手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō, 謹製 = Kinsei”

    Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 625 1a1
  • 839” “手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō, 謹製 = Kinsei”
    Kamijō Yukio 2a1Kamijō Yukio 2a2
  • 1404” “手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō, 謹製 = Kinsei”
    Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 1404 1aKamijō Yukio Teuchi 1404 1b 2
  • 2805” “手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō, 謹製 = Kinsei”
    Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 2805 1a1Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 2805 1a2
  • 31…” “手打 = teuchi, レーザー = rēzā (razor) ⇒ handmade razor
    上條 = Kamijō, 謹製 = Kinsei”
    Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 3153 (?) 1a 2Kamijō Yukio Teuchi 3153 (?) 1b1

The second type of “Kamijo Yukio” straight razors with a SR all have the
signature of “Kamijō Yukio” on one side of the tang 上条幸夫 (Kamijo Yukio),
and other the other side 手打 (teuchi – hand made/forged),
all markings mostly with a typical green colour:

  • 上條作 = Kamijo saku, made by Kamijo,
    手打 507 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 507
    Kamijō Yukio 507 teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 507 teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 863 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 863
    Kamijō Yukio 863 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 863 Teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 1537 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 1537
    Kamijō Yukio 1537 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 1537 Teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 2663 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 2663
    Kamijō Yukio 2663 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 2663 Teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 3025 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 3025
    Kamijō Yukio 3025 Teuchi 1a4.jpg
    Kamijō Yukio 3025 teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 3025 teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 3264 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 3264
    Kamijō Yukio 3264 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 3264 Teuchi 1a2
  • 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio,
    手打 3265 = teuchi (hand made/forged), SR 3265
    Kamijō Yukio 3265 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 3265 Teuchi 1a4Kamijō Yukio 3265 Teuchi 1a2Kamijō Yukio 3265 Teuchi 1a3

When looking at the 上条幸夫作 – 手打 SR2663, this razor appears to have
a hardening line were the tang meets the blade, it was quenched vertically:
Kamijō Yukio 2663 Teuchi 1a1Kamijō Yukio 2663 Teuchi 1a2
Kamijō Yukio 2663 Teuchi 1c1.jpg

We know that Kamijo made straight razors together with Iwasaki:

  • 「 岩崎 ·上條」「 二一三·五玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 213·5 Tamahagane
  • 「 岩崎 ·上條」「 二七三·三玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 272·3 Tamahagane
  • 「 岩崎 上條」「 四◯九·三玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 409·3 Tamahagane
  • 「 岩崎 上條」「 五二三·一玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 523·1 Tamahagane
  • 「 岩崎 上條」「 六一七·六玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 617·6 Tamahagane
    S 617·6 Iwasaki Kamiju Tamahagane 1b 2S 617·6 Iwasaki Kamiju Tamahagane 1c 2
  • 「 岩崎 上條」「 六三六·二玉鋼」= Iwasaki Kamiju 636·2 Tamahagane

“… Mr. Kōsuke Iwasaki approached Master Tanifuji (Fukutarō) to
train the Iwasaki family in razor finishing and scaling. Before this,
at Iwasaki’s request, Mr. Kamijo Yukio, at the age of 92, moved his
equipment to Iwasaki’s forge and taught them all he knew about how
to hand forge and grind razors. He worked together with Mr. Shigeyoshi
Iwasaki and finished most of the early Iwasaki razors. This all would
have happened in the beginning of the production of Iwasaki’s
Western straight razor, around 1954 …”

“… Somewhere between Serial Number “636·2” & “707·7″, the trademark
changed from「 岩崎·上條」to「 ㊂ 岩崎 」, the collaboration between
Kamijo & Iwasaki ended because of Kamiju’s retirement …”


Now, it appears that these razors,
made by Iwasaki & Kamijo were quenched vertically as well!
(which would mean the spine is also hard and more resistant to wear…):
Kamijo quench 2.jpg

After Kamijo retired, thereby ending the collaboration between Kamijo & Iwasaki,
Iwasaki started collaborating with master Tanifuji Fukutaro who took over the
finish and scaling of the razors. Around that time Iwasaki started quenching the
western ground razors horizontally, similar to katana. This new generation of
Tamahagane razors got progressively harder:
quench Iwasaki 2
Iwasaki wanted to create even harder Tamahagane which brought him
to alter the heat treatment. These razors were exceptionally hard, 64-67 HRC,
which made them difficult to sharpen and possibly more prone to chipping.
The “old” Tamahagane razors were slightly softer, 62-63 HRC.
Examples of the horizontally quenched razors are:

  • 「 ㊂ 岩崎」「 一四六六·四玉鋼」= Iwasaki 1466·4 Tamahagane
  • 「 ㊂ 岩崎」「 一六七六·三玉鋼」= Iwasaki 1676·3 Tamahagane
    S 1676·3 Iwasaki Tamahagane 1a5S 1676·3 Iwasaki Tamahagane 1a6
  • 「 ㊂ 岩崎」「 一八一九·一玉鋼」= Iwasaki 1819·1 Tamahagane
    S 1819·1 Iwasaki Tamahagane 1a5S 1819·1 Iwasaki Tamahagane 1a6
  • 90 Iwasaki Made in Japan, ㊂
    Iwasaki 90 2a1Iwasaki 90 2a2

straightrazorplace.com/Kamijo Yukio, revealing the secrets of steel,
atgshaving.com/Kamijo Yukio,

Other straight razors made by Iwasaki & Kamijo;

  • 51 Trade㊂Mark Iwasaki, KAMIJO, 炭素鋼 (Carbon steel)
  • 101 Trade㊂Mark Iwasaki, KAMIJO, 炭素鋼 (Carbon steel)
    IWASAKI 101 1a1
    IWASAKI 101 1a2
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