Kanetake – Norikazu Takahashi

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Kanetake – Norikazu Takahashi

Kanetake 2a1 Kanetake 1a1
武⌉ = Kanetake
⌉ = ‘Kane’, 武⌉ = カネ武 = Kane Take

Kanetake 4a

The Kanetake brand Japanese straight razor,
made by fourth generation blacksmith, Mr. Norikazu Takahashi.
Norikazu is the first in his family to make Japanese straight razors,
and has been making them on occasion for about five years now.
His design is based on a Tsurayuki brand razor.

高橋 (たかはし)= Takahashi

高橋典三 (たかはし のりかず) = Mr. “Norikazu Takahashi”,
he makes/made “Kanetake” kamisori in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
He is one of the masters making Tamahagane razors

高橋和己 (たかはし かずみ) = Mr. “Kazumi Takahashi”

Mr. Takahashi is recognised as a Dentoukougeishi in Japan.
(Dentoukougeishi are highly skilled master artisans recognised by the Japanese government for their commitment to protecting traditional arts and techniques.)
The cutlery that he makes is very famous.

Kanetake factory
高橋刃物製作所 = Takahashi hamono seisakusho
= Takahashi knife manufacturing factory

高橋和己特殊鑿製作所 = Takahashi Kazumi tokushu 鑿 Seisakusho
= Takahashi Kazumi special chisel factory, Miki City Hyogo Prefecture
This is a factory, founded in the middle of the Meiji era (1868-1912),
and held now for 4 generations.
高橋和己 (Takahashi Kazumi) is third generation,
高橋典三  (Takahashi Norikazu) is fourth generation
The family also made carpentry chisel, planes, …
Kanetake 3th & 4th generation 1aKanetake 3th & 4th generation 1a1
高橋和己作 = Made by Takahashi Kazumi
高橋典三作 = Made by Takahashi Norikazu

Apparently Mr. Takahashi Norikazu made Tamahagane kamisori as well!
Kanetake - Takahasi Tamahagane.jpg
玉鋼と日本剃刀 = Tamahagane and Japanese razor
(Tamahagane and, a Japanese razor made of Tamahagane)

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