Bosō 房総

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Bosō 房総
This article is made possible by the coöperation of a friend,
who is as eager as me to find the truth in history, thank you very much “ovidiucotiga“!
Most of the work in this article is done by “ovidiucotiga“.
(Updated ’18, June, Okt, Nov)

  • 房総 (Bosō) razors were made by different makers:

房総 (Bosō) razors, made by Kamijō Yukio (of which we know he worked with Iwasaki):

(Updated ’18, June)
  • 房総 (Bosō) (Front); 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio
    (Back of tang):
    Kamijo BOSO 1a2.Kamijo BOSO 1a1
  • 8 房総 (Bosō) (Front); 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku,
    made by Kamijo Yukio (Back of tang):
    Kamijo BOSO 2a1.Kamijo BOSO 2a2
    (Courtesy of “ovidiucotiga“)
  • 8 房総 (Bosō) (Front); 上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku,
    made by Kamijo Yukio (Back of tang):
    Kamijo Boso 3a1.Kamijo Boso 3a2Kamijo Boso 3a3
    Box: 房総 = Bosō; 石井特選 = Ishii tokusen = Ishii special selection
    勝浦 = Katsuura
  • 8 房総 (Bosō), 石井特選 = Ishii tokusen = Ishii special selection (Front);
    上条幸夫作 = Kamijo Yukio saku, made by Kamijo Yukio (Back of tang):
    Kamijo Boso 4a1.Kamijo Boso 4a2

I believe these could be the oldest “房総 Bosō” razors.
Many are found with Bakelite scales (often orange oxidized,
although originally black, visible after sanding)

(Updated ’18, Okt, Nov)

房総 (Bosō) razors, made by Iwasaki:

  • SKH 房総 (Bosō); Iwasaki (㊂ 岩崎 = Marusan Iwasaki)
  • 7 1/4 房総 (Bosō); Iwasaki (㊂ 岩崎 = Marusan Iwasaki)Iwasaki Boso 7 1:4 1a1.Iwasaki Boso 7 1:4 1a2
  • HG 房総 (Bosō); Iwasaki (㊂ 岩崎 = Marusan Iwasaki)
    Iwasaki Bōsō HG 1a1.Iwasaki Bōsō HG 1a2
  • G 房総 (Bosō); Iwasaki (㊂ 岩崎 = Marusan Iwasaki)
    Iwasaki Bōsō G 1a1.Iwasaki Bōsō G 1a2

Because of the different grind, usage of more modern plastic scales, … these razors
appear to be a bit younger, they are most probably made in the “Shigeyoshi Iwasaki” period.

Razors with 房総 (Bosō) markings, though without a stamp of its maker:

  • Bosō SK 1/4:
    BOSO SK 1:4 1a1.BOSO SK 1:4 1a2
  • Bosō SK 1/4:
    BOSO SK 1:4 2a1.BOSO SK 1:4 2a2
  • 房総 (Bosō)レディ(“Lady”):
    Bosō Lady 1a1.Bosō Lady 1a2

(Updated ’18, June)

Other razors with 房総 (Bosō) markings:

    BOSO ISHII Katsuura 3 1a1.BOSO ISHII Katsuura 3 1a2

IMHO these razors seem to be the youngest.

(Updated ’18, June)

Be aware:
IMHO it is very unlikely that these (unmarked) razors
were made by Kamijo or Iwasaki themselves!

If the razor is made by Kamijo or Iwasaki,
there would be stamps of 
Kamijo or Iwasaki.

For now, the meaning of Bosō is uncertain, Bosō could very well be derived
from “Bosō peninsula, Japan”, of which “Katsuura” (勝浦市 Katsuura-shi) is a city

→ See razors above:

  • “Bosō DAIYA ISHII Katsuura 3”
  • “上条幸夫作 (Kamijo Yukio saku) 房総 (Bosō) 石井特選 (Ishii tokusen) 勝浦 (Katsuura)

The meaning of “石井 – Ishii” is not certain, maybe a person who did a quality check
(of steel?)…

Bosō is probably a company’s name, (barber)shop, retailer,… for which
different makers made razors, for example “Iwasaki”, “Kamijo”,
probably “Kikuboshi”, but also others …

At this moment the meaning of “SK” or “SKH” is not certain.
The SK stamp can often be seen on the curved “R. Saito” razors.
These razors were designed by “Ryuichi Saito” (“R.SAITO”, the personal
barber of the Japanese Imperial family) and produced by “Kikuboshi”,
“H. Diamond” & maybe more.

In 1950 Ryuichi Saito established this by developing an association/school
under the name 「斎藤会」”Saitō-kai” = Saitō association/club. Maybe this is
the meaning of SK式  ⇒ “Saitō-kai” style (式 = “Shiki” = style).

There is another assumption that “SK” is a abbreviation of the coöperation
“Saito-Kikuboshi” but this is not certain as well at the moment…

“SKH” then could possible be ⇒ “Saitō-kai-H. Diamond” style or
“Saito-Kikuboshi-H.Diamond” but again, this is not certain at all!

Hopefully the actual truth can be discovered in the future!

As said, for now, the meaning of 房総 (Bosō) is uncertain as well…

Bosō is probably a company’s name, for which different makers made razors,
for example “Iwasaki”, “Kamijo”, probably “Kikuboshi”, and others …

It is known that many Japanese makers worked together, like a big family;
Certain brands & trademarks are proof for this:

  • “Perfect Works, Silver steel” is seen on “Tanifuji” & “Kikuboshi” razors
  • “KRG” is seen on “H. Diamond”, “Kikuboshi”, “R. Saito”, “YSS (Yasuki razor)” razors
  • “Ribbon Trademark” is associated with “R. Saito”, “Diamond Hayashi”,
    “trademark A” ribbon-100-2a2-kopie”, “T. Shinohara”, “Manaslu” & “理容科研創制”, and is present
    on “Rosette,R.C S.O razors (Produced by R. Saito)” & “R. Saito” razors (Production
    by Ribbon Company)”
  • The “trademark A” ribbon-100-2a2-kopie is found on “Ribbon”,  “T. Shinohara”, “Manaslu” razors
  • “理容科研創制” = Riyō Kaken Sō-sei (Barber Research Institute System)
    is also seen on “Yasuki” razors
  • It is well known that Tanifuji & Kamijo worked with Iwasaki

Also see:

This makes the assumption that “SK” being “Saito-Kikuboshi” & “SKH” being
“Saito-Kikuboshi-H.Diamond” is more plausible, however, again, at the moment
this isn’t certain.

Considering the place of the stamp “SK” or “SKH”, it can be noticed that it is the
same as the stamps “8” or “7 1/4”, making that assumption that “SK” is “Saitō-kai”
style very plausible as well! So, “SK” & “SKH” could also be a reference for a type
of grind or razor style…

For now I tend to have a preference for the latter possibility…

I’m searching as much as possible about it, but it will take time.
This article hopefully will grow further in time!

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