How to package a shave ready kamisori

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How to package a shave ready kamisori

In this short article I would like to show you a couple of techniques which
I use to ship a shave ready kamisori without the edge hitting something.

The first technique begins by using tongue spatulas which are taped together.
Following by using paper tape of which one piece is rolled up, the Omote side
of the kamisori will rest on this area. One can using different sorts of tape
and material of coarse, I’m just showing the basic principles.

The hatched areas on the tape (blue lines) is the tape’s sticky part.
The kamisori isn’t contacted anywhere by the sticky part of the tape.
(for some reason I don’t trust sticky, gluey parts on a kamisori or razor)

The kamisori is held by the tape:
Kamisori wrapping 1a

Then the 3 smaller pieces of tape are wrapped around the handle, the sticky
part which is now visible. These can be covered by 1 or more pieces of tape on
top of these parts. Then the piece of tape above the spine is folded on top of the
Ura side, which is then covered by the large piece of tape which was resting at
the right side of the handle:Kamisori wrapping 1b

The piece of tape which was resting on the Ura side is now folded back again over
the spine, following by as many tape as you like to cover previous placed tape.
Again, no part of the kamisori is ever touched by the sticky part of the tape:Kamisori wrapping 1c

Then everything is supported by something firm, in this case some styrofoam:Kamisori wrapping 1d

Everything is taped firmly so nothing gets loose during shipping:
Kamisori wrapping 1e

Another technique is the following:

Carve out the shape of the handles into a piece of styrofoam, after which the handles
of the kamisori, wrapped with a piece of tissue, are placed into the prepared styrofoam.
Next, everything is taped in firmly, making it impossible for the kamisori to turn around:Kamisori wrapping 2a

Then this is placed on a piece of cardboard, again taping
this construction firmly, together with a few more reinforcements:Kamisori wrapping 2bKamisori wrapping 2c

Hope this helps!

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