藤 – Tō

藤 – Tō

藤(とう)=  Tō (tō)
玉鋼 = Tamahagane

For a while now, “Iwasaki” doesn’t produce new Tamahagane kamisori anymore.
“Ryoichi Mizuochi”, disciple of sword smith “Shigeyoshi Iwasaki“, is the last person
still making “Iwasaki” kamisori, though not made from Tamahagane.

Recently I discovered a very interesting product, being very close to the
Iwasaki Tamahagane kamisori!


At the moment (dec. 2018), there are 3 types, sold by Munemasa Cutlery Co., LTD.:

An ‘expert’, a ‘master’ and ‘Great Craftsman’ were chosen by ‘藤’ (とう, Tō) to create
these wonderful Tamahagane kamisori. “Ryoichi Mizuochi” helped to make them
last year at Sanjō seisakusho; they are made from old Tamahagane which Iwasaki
had made in the past. “Kouanji” by the way is the address of Sanjō seisakusho,
the factory of “Iwasaki”.

Capturing the spirit of the “Memory of the four seasons of the Kouanji”, they are
a tribute to “Iwasaki”, “Ryoichi Mizuochi” and the time spend at “Sanjō seisakusho”
to make these precious kamisori.

Seeing the tip of the kamisori, it is “Iwasaki” written all over.
The shape of the blade and handle is inspired by a kamisori made by
“Chiyozuru Korehide” (the idol and mentor of Iwasaki and all the blacksmith
in his generation) and given to ” Iwasaki Kōsuke” himself!

Chiyotsuru Korehide ( the idol and mentor of Iwasaki and all the blacksmith in his generation) 1a
Envelop (In which this razor was send): 岩崎航介 = Iwasaki Kōsuke;
新潟県三條市西新保 = Niigata Prefecture, Sanjo city, West-Shinbo
Kamisori: 是秀 = Korehide

Chiyozuru Korehide 1874-1957.png
‘Chiyozuru Korehide’ 千代鶴是秀 (ちよづるこれひで) (Blacksmith name),
born ‘Katō Hiroshi’ 加藤広(or ‘Katō Hiro’ 加藤廣), 1874 – 1957. As son of the
sword smith ‘Chouunsai Tsunatoshi II’ he was born in a lineage of sword smiths
for the ‘Uesugi’ clan in ‘Yonezawa’.  In 1884 ‘Chiyotsuru Korehide’ was apprenticed
to the ‘Ishido’ family, and became a blacksmith at the age of 11, where he was
apprenticed to ‘Ishido VII’ and studied under ‘Ishido VIII’ (his uncle). After his
uncle dies he takes the name ‘Korehide’ at the age of 19. ‘Chiyotsuru’ became
independent in 1899. He becomes one of the great kanna blade smiths during
the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. He passed away in ‘Nakameguro’, ‘Tokyo’
in 1957, at the age of 84. (chiyozurusadahide.jpchiyozurusadahide.jp/page/abkore)

Besides being extremely rare and precious, there only exists 1 of each!

That is: 1
Only 1 in the world, of each!
(“Spring”, “Summer”, Autumn”)

The creation of the “Winter” type is planned somewhere in the future.

At this moment (dec. 2018) “Spring“, “Summer“, “Autumn
are still available for sale at:

〒111-0053 東京都台東区浅草橋1-35-4 タケナカビル5階
有限会社 宗正刃物総本社


Be aware it isn’t cheap, you will need to go deep in the wallet;
think in terms of “a-very-grown-up-Iwasaki-price”


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