Fake Iwasaki?


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Fake Iwasaki
(Updated 2019, May)


For a really long time I’ve been doubting about the following type of razor,
if they’re real or fake…

Fake Iwasaki Tokiwa 1aFake Iwasaki Tokiwa 1bFake Iwasaki Tokiwa 1c.Fake Iwasaki Tokiwa d

Although it is really not typical for Iwasaki to have etched stamps, I thought no
one would even think faking an Iwasaki razor, so I wasn’t sure if they could be fake.

Recently though some facts came to my attention which cannot be ignored…
(thank you very much “Florin Pincotan” (Zen Razor Japan) and “ovidiucotiga”)

If these razors are real Iwasaki’s, then I offer my sincere apologies, however,
for now, the following facts make it clear that most probably they are fake …

Fake Iwasaki - Suzumasa 1a.Fake Iwasaki - Suzumasa 1b
Fake Iwasaki - Suzumasa 1a1.Fake Iwasaki - Suzumasa 1b1

  • They are identically as Suzumasa razors. Even the pins are the same
  • The tang of the Suzumasa razors are blank, and etching is very easy
  • These razors have double stabilizers, which is not often seen on
    other Iwasaki razors

These Iwasaki razors have double stabilizers,
they were made though by Tanifuji for Iwasaki:
SONY DSC.Iwasaki by Tanifuji, Fukutaro 1e kopie
㊂ = “Marusan” = sign/trademark of Iwasaki;トキワ = Tokiwa
登録商標 = tōroku shōhyō = registered trademark
Tanifuji Fukutarō 谷藤 福太郎

Here is another one, most probably made by Tanifuji:
Iwasaki T 1a1Iwasaki T 1a2Iwasaki T 1a1a.Iwasaki T 1a2a

These “T” Iwasaki razors are also found without double stabilizers as well:
IWASAKI T Tanifuji 1a1IWASAKI T Tanifuji 1a2.IWASAKI T Tanifuji 1a3
For now, the 2 above are the only “Iwasaki” examples I have found with
double stabilizers, both of them most probably made by Tanifuji.
(sharprazorpalace.com   –   japan-tool.com)

I don’t believe the etched stamped ones are made by Tanifuji
They look different, and Tanifuji didn’t etch stamp his razors…

It is possible somebody thought to earn some extra by etching
these Suzumasa razors… If so, it is really a shame…

This doesn’t mean they are bad razors!
Suzumasa’s are excellent Japanese straight razors!

sharprazorpalace.com/unmarked Iwasaki razors ebay

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